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The only winning baccarat system that will work must include one that reduces the house edge down to zero. When you add correct money management to that game, you will have a system that can consistently win for you. Fortunately, there is one online casino in the world that does offer a zero house game of baccarat.

Where To Play Baccarat Online

Even when you know which casino offers this game, you have to search a little to find it. If you just pick the regular baccarat game, you will not have the right game. It is not under table games nor live games. The 'zero baccarat' game is in the casino section under card games, right next to zero blackjack (zero video poker is also available under video poker).

How Does It Work

With one simple rule change, the casino's house odds have been eliminated, making this the fairest baccarat game you will find anywhere.

"In Zero Baccarat the commission taken on winning banker bets is only 2.75% instead of the standard 5% commission rate on the game resulting in a 100.0% (correct to one decimal place) expected return on Banker bets in the game."

But pay attention! In order to keep this advantage you HAVE TO place your bets on the banker hand. If you place bets on the player, you automatically lose that edge!

Betting System

This is where you can explore and develop your own winning playing style. In our video demo we generally kept out bet equal at 25 and only increased it once to 50 after we were ahead. After playing for at least 1 minute, our plan was to quit if we were down by 1 bet or more. We came close to that figure a few times. But we kept going until we had won at least 4 bets.

No matter what level of bet you start with, a good management system will have you increase your basic bet amount when you are ahead and 'playing with the casinos money'. In the world of finance, this is called leverage. In the gambling world, this is called winning!

International Support

As a truly international game site, Bet Fair offers support in a number of languages including Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Playing currencies also include popular standards including UK Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Danish Krone and the Swedish Krona.

USA Players

Unfortunately, due to outdated  thinking and legislation, you are not allowed to play at the only casino in the world offering this player friendly game. You must relegate yourself to playing without this built in advantage. Along with a good bit of luck and effective money management, you too can increase your winning potential, but you will encounter more losing sessions that you otherwise would.

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