Advantage Baccarat System

Advantage Baccarat System
The Advantage Baccarat System is a software program that includes a unique purchase price as well a card history and Martingale betting.

Advantage Baccarat System

The most unique and probably telling aspect of the ‘Advantage Baccarat System’ is the purchase arrangement. You get four purchase options.

Option 1) Purchase for $250 + 50% Profit-Share
Option 2) Purchase for $500 + 40% Profit-Share
Option 3) Purchase for $1,000 + 20% Profit-Share
Option 4) Purchase for $1,500 + 1% Profit-Share

To start the system you first need to enter into the software the value for the player and banker hands for the last two hands. The software will then tell you which hand to bet on next and how to bet.

Neither the software nor the seller tells you how the software determines your proposed bet.

There are so many things about this system that make it suspicious that I do not know where to start.

– If you buy it for $250, how is the author going to know how much money you make and how is he going to enforce that provision.
– If two people buy the system, the author has made already a $250 profit. Even if both buyers were honest, wouldn’t you expect at least one of the two players would make money and pay the % of income.
– The website is one page long and contains 846 words. There is no stated guarantee, no money back option, no testimonials and only a general statement that you can make $10,000 a month with the system.
– There is not even any attempt to justify much less explain the Baccarat Betting Method

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