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Baccarat Predictor System

Free Baccarat System Software – 100 Free Bets

Lucky Nugget Online Casino The Baccarat Predictor System is a flat bet system with a claimed 70% success ratio. The system is meant to predict the next hand played and tells you whether to place a bet on the hand or pass. The strategy for the system is that each round or hand can involve the dealing of four, five or six cards. The prediction are based upon actual shoes from land based casinos.

After purchasing you also get their list of “22 Secrets of Baccarat Play”. However, what is most interesting about this strategy are the projected winnings.

Baccarat Predictor System
- Win 3.5 units per shoe
- Make bets on 70% of hands played
- Play 4 hours a day and you will win $1,650
- Win an average of 5-6% of the total value of your bets
- You only need 20 units to bet
- Lifetime you only need 95 units to use the system
- Win 2 of 3 shoes

This system is meant to be used in live casinos or online casinos. You can use the marking card normally used in casino. In a typical 8 deck shoes, the predictor system will suggest bets on about 50 to 60 hands of the roughly 80 hands that are normally dealt.

If you are a $5 bettor, you should then be able to make $12.50 to $21.00 per hour.

If that were true, you could make $100 to $168 the first day. On the second day you could increase your bets to $10 and make $200 to $336. If you continuing to double your basic bet every day you win, on the fifth day in the casino you would be betting $80 per hand. You would also have made $3,100 to $5,208 for the week.

So you could take the weekend off and start your next week as a $100 bettor and make $2,000 a day! You would then be one of those rare people that make their living gambling professionally.

The software interface is basic and confusing at first. However, it is really easy to use. They do not tell you how they predict the next winner. They only say that they do not use a pattern recognition or card counting.

The best part is that they let you download the software for free and use it to predict 100 hands. But does a 100 hand test prove anything over the long term?

There is also another free download that is meant to prove that the system works. This one runs the system prediction against the real results of 3,000 shoes. Or you could test it against a random simulation.

For more information check out the Baccarat System site or download the Free 100 Online Baccarat Prediction Software.

Here is our testing of this free baccarat software system version. It also shows you the software in action, which indicates how easy it is to use.

Plus, we also checked out the free shareware that plays hands, records results on a scorecard and lets you change bets. Great for testing out our (or your) system.

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