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The Baccarat Predictor System Software is giving away 100 free baccarat picks from it’s software. You just need to download and install the software absolutely free. Even a monkey could use this software.

The software screens look scary. But it is actually very very simple.

After downloading and installing this software you load it up. You then start your online casino baccarat game and place them side by side. You make the smallest bet possible with your online game. Then you just go to the Baccarat Predictor System software and click the button for which ever hand won that game.

In the beginning, the software needs you to enter some actual data. So it just sits there and waits for you to tell it which bet won. After a few hands it will start blinking and tell you which hand to bet on.

This is where you make your regular bet amount. If the Baccarat Predictor System Software tell you to make a bet the button will blink. So when you see a button blink, make your on either the Banker, Player or Tie. After the hand is done, tell the software which bet one. Then it will tell you what to do next.

It could also say DO NOT BET. In this case, just revert back to your minimum bet. If you are playing at a live online baccarat casino, you can just skip those minimum bets and go straight for your regular bet amount.

That will give you the highest maximum possible win.

You can download the Baccarat Predictor System Software for free and you can play Baccarat games for free online. So there is no cost to you to try it! If you want to try it out on a real online baccarat game then go to our baccarat casinos page some great casino options.

In our first and second test of the free baccarat strategy software we came out ahead but  lost in our third attempt. To get better results for yourself, we suggest that you add in your own strategy element.

In our case, we would double our original bet after a win if we felt strongly about what the predictor software told us to do.

(Note: Video Test Links: Baccarat Predictor System, Baccarat Predictor System Software – 100 Free Baccarat Software Picks and Free Baccarat Predictor System Software Trial With 100 Free Picks. Then we started free-wheeling playing using all the techniques we’ve learned Strategies Rediscoverd and Reviewd – Play Our Combined Strategy For Easy Profit, Wild Vegas Baccarat, Playing Our Simple Strategy )

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