Baccarat Predictor System

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The Baccarat Predictor System is a flat bet system with a claimed 70% success ratio. The system is meant to predict the next hand played and tells you whether to place a bet on the hand or pass. The strategy for the system is that each round or hand can involve the dealing of four, five or six cards. The prediction are based upon actual shoes from land based casinos.

After purchasing you also get their list of “22 Secrets of Baccarat Play”. However, what is most interesting about this strategy are the projected winnings.

Baccarat Predictor System
– Win 3.5 units per shoe
– Make bets on 70% of hands played
– Play 4 hours a day and you will win $1,650
– Win an average of 5-6% of the total value of your bets
– You only need 20 units to bet
– Lifetime you only need 95 units to use the system
– Win 2 of 3 shoes

This system is meant to be used in live casinos or online casinos. You can use the marking card normally used in casino. In a typical 8 deck shoes, the predictor system will suggest bets on about 50 to 60 hands of the roughly 80 hands that are normally dealt.